A voice from the past”

Hello There! Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I don’t go to NHDC meetings any longer - yay! - and it’s been the holiday season. The Parish Council continues, and we are in danger of going up to full strength, which is no mean feat. Graveley is struggling to be quorate, which has required NHDC to step in. Members of the PC regularly discover they have better things to do with their time, so if you fancy serving the community in this capacity, it’s always worth dropping a note to the Clerk to say that your’e interested.

The Station Pub is a big issue. The appeal has been submitted and the SOS Pub group are busily raising money and instructing experts to back up NHDC in its decision to reject the original application. Their Facebook Group has the latest twists in that saga which, unfortunately, might run and run. The two NHDC members for Knebworth seem both very active on social media, particularly in the area of reporting of missed bins. It has to be said that NHDC did not exactly cover itself in glory over letting this new contract, especially as East Herts, which has the same contractor and a very similar service with the exception that it has universal brown bin collection, is experienced no difficulties, as far as I am aware. Best Regards, Steve. 07712176618. me on Twitter

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