About this blog

I am Steve Hemingway. Thanks for taking the time to find me.

I decided to make a few notes to myself, to keep track of what is going on in the markets mainly, but also about anything else that comes into my head.

The software I use, Pelican, is perfectly setup for collaboration. All the content is in git and in a repo in github. All I need now is an actual collaborator!

I am now on Pelican 4.8.0. It’s an improvement. I am using the notymyidea theme, which is built in (so you don’t have to clone it into the themes directory, although I failed to find anywhere an explanation of how this works). The other improvement in 4.8.0 is that you can just set PLUGINS=None in your conf file, and it magically finds them.

You can see all the config stuff that is used to create the blog, as well as the raw markdown content, in github.

You can also find me on Mastodon and on Twitter. I’d like to move to the former from the latter, but there there is not enough happening on Mastodon yet. Give it a try: it’s free!

This is a link to prove to Mastodon that I own this site.