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  1. Market Notes, 2nd July 2020


    Nearly everything up, a teeny bit. Dollar down, similarly. Dollar assets essentially flat. Independence Day holiday coming up. The short sellers have made a packet on Wirecard, but are probably not rushing back to short anything else. $TSLA makes headlines by overtaking Toyota in terms of market cap, if …

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  2. Market Notes, 1st July 2020

    Morning call

    Well, it’s a new day, a new quarter and a new half year. Fairly incredibly, the SPX had the best quarter performance since 1998. Well, we know what happened in 2000. Asian equities up, European ones down. Odd, given that the police in Hong Kong are arresting …

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  3. Market Notes, 29th June 2020

    ETF Buying

    The Fed is doing it, but not in huge size. Various issuers are being identified on Twitter etc. as though their appearance on the list would be a buy signal. Similarly, a list of the ETFs, headed by $LQD, as you’d probably expect.


    Things look a …

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  4. Market Notes, 26th June 2020

    It’s too hot

    I’m lethargic. My office is at 29C and humid. The markets are lethargic. At some point new homes in the UK will be fitted with A/C. Liquidity is terrible, even for $ES_F, the SP 500 mini future, which should be the most liquid equity …

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