Comment policy

Comment Policy

For the moment, the comment policy on this site is that you can say anything you like, but on the understanding that if I think it’s offensive or harmful, I’ll remove it.

If I get many comments that require me to take action, I’ll fill out this section.

Note that the comment software I’m using is disqus. This doesn’t have a great reputation (see this highly critical post). To be honest, I’m a bit uncomfortable using the system. You might find it easier to engage with me on Twitter, and I can just manually link to your comments as an update to the post. However, I am not aware of any other free, automated commenting subsystem that I can easily use. It’s the usual problem with ‘free’ software. If you don’t pay actual money, you are the product, sold to advertisers who wish to target people like you.

On a PC, there are many pieces of software that remove ads, and you can always change the configuration of your home router to use a DNS server that blocks domains that are known to serve ads. The problem is that if everyone blocks ads, there will be no more ‘free’ software. The choice is yours.