Black Friday, but Amazon does not sell shares


Most dealers not at work, but some market activity:

  • [Turkish Lira fighting the bears. ]
  • [Gold getting crushed, ]
  • [Bitcoin imploding, but from recent highs, but the stockmarket equivalent, $TSLA, still rising]
  • [Food and Ag. commodities doing well ]
  • [Hydrocarbon complex mixed, but crude oil down to $45.52 after a strong rise yesterday]
  • [Almost all global equity indices up ]
  • [Tiny dip in 10-year Treasury bond yield, nearly every other govt. bond market down (i.e. yields up), but fractionally ]
  • [DXY, dollar index, continues to fall ]

Overall, the risk on momentum from before the holiday continues.


As I mentioned the other day, BTC and other crypto currencies are falling back. It’s hard to see why a sensible asset manager would want to own such a thing, but with most millennials and Gen Y folk just thinking that as long as they invest in an index ETF it doesn’t really matter what sector or asset class or style they choose, we’re going to get money flowing into bitcoin trusts, such as $GBTC.

It’s interesting that Monero, the crypto currency of choice, now, on on Dark Net Markets, is not tradeable via Coinbase. It’s available on Kraken though. I am signed up with a few of these coin exchanges, and it’s now very different to the good old days when you could just register, make a payment and buy BTC. It will be interesting to watch the BTC/XMR rate. You can see it here. I wish I knew more about how to get great charts out of trading view, but I don’t, so you’ll have to put up with a link.

I downloaded the original bitcoin core full node wallet. It runs fine on an eight year old desktop PC. You can have a play here. You need quite a bit of disk space, a bit of patience, and enough knowledge to switch off your anti virus for a day (scanning new blocks takes too long).

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