EiP - Local Plan Examination. End of Public Hearings

At the end of the hearing sessions on 27 March the Inspector set out the next steps in the EiP of the Local Plan. A note has now been prepared and this can be viewed in the examination documents ED130.

During the hearing sessions the Inspector asked the Council to complete a number of actions to provide additional information to the examination. Some of these actions have already been completed and the Council are intending to finish the remainder by the end of April.

The actions and the completed responses, as they become available, can all be viewed on the website through the following link: www.north-herts.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/localplan/local-plan-examination/examination-actions. When the Inspector has all the documents arising out of the actions he will take a view on whether he requires any further information on any of the matters examined during the hearing sessions.

Where representors have not yet had the opportunity to provide written comments on documents provided by the Council, he will be inviting them to do so in May. As with hearing statements, representors will only be able to comment on documents that are relevant to the issues raised in their regulation 19 responses. The Programme Officer will contact all regulation 19 respondents in May to notify them of the details and deadline for the provision of comments.

The Inspector will then invite the Council to respond to these. The timetable for the proposed main modifications cannot be defined at this stage, but they will be subject to the normal six week consultation period. Following this my report will be sent to the Council to allow it to check the main modifications for factual accuracy.

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