google cloud shell

Published: Sun 23 August 2020
Updated: Tue 22 November 2022
By steve

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Google Cloud Computing

I like to drop into a shell from time to time. Like the old hacker I am, for minor edits I find nothing more convenient that vi (pax Stallman). I don’t necessarily want to log a PC around with me wherever I go, so I wondered if I could find a free terminal account. Google Cloud Shell seems to do the trick. You can access from a browser, and you get a fairly complete Debian instance. I have cloned a branch of the repository that this blog is in, and I am creating this post from within the cloud shell.

I haven’t tried to install pelican, although python seems to be pre-installed. I may try that, but if I can create content via a familar environment using any browser I can log into my google account, I’ll be very happy.

Yes, I don’t like Google monetizing my private data, but this is so damn fast and convenient! Oops.

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