Is the dollar strength going to derail the US stock market

Published: Mon 25 July 2022
Updated: Mon 25 July 2022
By steve

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Monday 25, July 2022

Dollar strength

The dollar has been rising a lot. It has paused over the last week, but it is still maybe 7% higher than it was a few weeks ago. This is going to hurt US producers, whether exporters or not. Finally, equity markets where the currency is weak are showing better performance than the US indices. Top performing equity markets over the week are in the EU, and in Turkey. Even Russia gets a look in. Commodity exporters have benefited a lot.

I think the tide may have turned for commodities. Oil was up a couple of percent today.

Conservative leadership debate

I caught a few minutes of this on the BBC. The candidates seemed dire. I imagine the real battle is going on in the pages of the Daily Mail and Telegraph. The whole event seemed very fake.


Still waiting for MSM to cover the clear evidence (which I put out 2 years ago) that Bill Gates’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein began before 2001, at least ten years earlier than Gates has claimed.

(I think that the very fact that Whitney can tweet this stuff means that there is probably nothing in this. It makes you wonder though. The extent to which people like Gates and Musk can control the MSM is quite frightening.)


Hedy Lamarr

The background.

I just watched a biopic of Lamarr. She was a remarkable person.

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