Welcome to Steve Deakin-Davies, New NHDC Councillor for Knebworth

Following the local election for one of the NHDC seats for Knebworth ward in May, Steve Deakin-Davies was elected as a councillor. Steve enjoys living in Knebworth together with his partner and children, and has lived here for over 14 years having lived nearby previously for a similar length of time. Steve had previously been a Parish Councillor, and has been involved in a wide range of community activities, most recently with the Knebworth Festival when he ran a video and live performance night showcasing local talent. Steve is interested in helping young people get a start in life as entrepreneurs, and works as a lecturer and mentor at the University of Hertfordshire, helping set up and develop a range of businesses. Steve also has an interest in health matters, and previously work as a nurse at the Lister Hospital.

NHDC New Civic Year

The civic year for NHDC runs from May, following the local elections in Knebworth ward and a number of other NHDC seats. The new council will therefore have a different composition to the year just ended.

The Annual Meeting of the NHDC Council on 19th May is the first meeting of the new year, and includes appointment onto the various committees that make up the District Council, and the chairs and vice-chairs of the committee. Both Steve Deakin-Davies and I will be on the Southern Rural Committee, as this is the one that deals with matters relating to the villages in the south of the district, and will advise on which other(s) we will individually be on next month once the annual meeting has been held.

June will be a month with many activities, including the Knebworth Festival, and I am looking forward to going along to some of the events and will no doubt see some of you there.

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