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Published: Wed 08 June 2022
Updated: Wed 08 June 2022
By steve

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Wednesday 8, June 2022


Bonds down, commodities up, stocks down, VIX up, crypto down. It’s a risk off day! Oil seems particularly affected: WTI up 2.7% to $122.5 a barrel. I’m reading Daniel Yergin’s The Prize about the history of the oil industry. I’ve only got through a couple of chapters, but it has already brought home to me how much the modern world has been shaped by the exploitation of this mineral.


The Vegetable oil you are cooking with was initially created to be machine lubricant.


the image



Posting embedded scripts to Reddit ain’t going to work. I now strip the html out of my pelican markdown and manually add links. Not ideal, but I was busy today and don’t have time to write clever code.

Here is the script.

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