Pre-emptive copyright filter

Published: Wed 12 September 2018
Updated: Tue 22 November 2022
By steve

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The European Parliament voted to burden every blog like this with an obligation to anticipate any possible copyright breach, even to the point of using the title of a title elsewhere. To my mind politicians do not understand the Internet and instinctively do the wrong thing.

This is what the EFF has to say:

Despite waves of calls and emails from European Internet users, the European Parliament today voted to accept the principle of a universal pre-emptive copyright filter for content-sharing sites, as well as the idea that news publishers should have the right to sue others for quoting news items online or even using their titles as links to articles. Out of all of the potential amendments offered that would fix or ameliorate the damage caused by these proposals, they voted for worst on offer.

Full article here.


The UK government has produced a pig of an app to do Covid-19 tracking (full details here). Not only does it collect data in a way that is dangerous, it can easily be cloned by developers who will pass off their worse apps as the official one. Worst of all (but not from a privacy point of view) is that it needs to run in foreground. Why, oh why, did our government not chose the one jointly developed between Apple & Google?

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