World astonished to discover that Donald Trump pays no federal income tax

Presidential Campaign

The first presidential campaign TV debate is today. The mafia boss vs an aging political hack with dementia. It is going to be gripping, but for all the wrong reasons. At 2am local time, it’s a miss for me, although I might listen to highlights in my morning.


A risk on day today, except the 10-year note was flat. Commodities mixed to negative. Gold was up a bit, so was oil. The dollar (DX) was down a bit after a strongish run last week. All US sectors were up. Mondays are usually risk on days.

Other news

Someone suggested that China deliberately misled the West into introducing over-severe lockdowns, rather than pursuing the herd immunity route.

Wisconsin voters supposedly shown their Cambridge Analytica profiles on FB. I don’t really understand this story. You can see the tweet here.

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